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Resolve QuickBooks Error 12157

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QuickBooks is well-known accounting software which makes carrying out complex accounting tasks easy and fast. QuickBooks software products are mainly targeted toward small and medium-sized businesses. When using QuickBooks, it is really not rare to face certain errors. One such error is QuickBooks Error 12157.

QuickBooks Error 12157 is an update error that develops in QuickBooks for Desktop. Something that interferes with the update process can cause this error.

What causes QuickBooks Error 12157?
It may occur as a result of various reasons –

Date or time in your system just isn't correct.
There was some problem with web connection settings.
The problem with firewall settings.
Multiple QuickBooks are installed for a passing fancy PC.
How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 12157?
Following solutions makes it possible to in solving QuickBooks Error 12157.

Rectify the date and time on your computer
If date and time on your desktop are not correct, the QuickBooks update process could possibly get hampered. To test and rectify time and date on your pc, follow these steps –

Go to the clock in the right bottom of one's computer screen.
Right-click your mouse.
Choose Adjust Date/Time from the list that appears after right-clicking.
Specify or select your present date and time in the screen.
Once you've rectified the date and time, close this screen by clicking OK.
Close your QuickBooks.
Reopen your QuickBooks.
Run QuickBooks update again and check in the event that QuickBooks Error 12157 is resolved.
Make modifications in net connection settings
Sometimes, QuickBooks Error Code 12157 occurs as a result of improper net connection settings. Intuit recommends opening for checking your secure internet connection. Suppose the user is not able to open this website using your browser, it indicates QuickBooks updates cannot achieve your computer. In this case, you have to fully grasp this issue resolved through your internet provider.

If the above-mentioned website is opening, follow these steps –

Open QuickBooks.
Go to the Help menu.
Choose Internet Connection Setup.
Choose – Use my computer’s net connection settings to determine an association if this application accesses the web.
Click on Next.
Open Advanced Connection Settings.
Go to Advanced tab.
Choose Restore Advanced Settings.
Now, press OK and then Done.
Now, run QuickBooks update again and look if QuickBooks Error Code 12157 is resolved.

The error can also occur because of download accelerator. Disable it and check if the issue is fixed. If in case you will be using a dial-up connection, do not use an association that has the very least speed below 28.8 Kb/s. Another reason, for this error, can be Parental Controls settings in the usa Online (AOL). Make sure that these settings are disabled. If you are unable to Resolve QuickBooks Error 12152 then call us on our toll free number.

Configure firewall or internet security settings
The update may well not take place since your firewall and internet security settings are not properly configured. Be sure that ports 80 and 443 are active.

These files need to have access – QBDBMgrN.exe, QBGDSPlugin.exe, QBLaunch.exe, QBServerUtilityMgr.exe, QBW32.exe, QuickBooksMessaging.exe, AutoBackupExe.exe, Dbmlsync.exe, DBManagerExe.exe, FileManagement.exe, FileMovementExe.exe, IntuitSyncManager.exe, QBCFMonitorService.exe, and QBDBMgr.exe. Now, look for QuickBooks Error Code 12157.

Check if multiple QuickBooks are installed on a single computer
Check whether there is one or more installation of QuickBooks of the same version year on your PC. The error can happen because of multiple QuickBooks. Should this be the scenario, you need to manually download and run updates for different versions of QuickBooks Desktop installed on your pc.



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